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Our name is synonymous with quality and expertise. Our wallpaper company London business, have served customers across West London and North London for many years and are experienced in all wallpaper service London jobs. Whatever you require, wallpaper removal London specialists, wallpaper repair London experts or a complete redesign of your home or business by a interior designing wallpaper London consultant, we are the professionals to call. No matter the size or shape of your room, house or business; our highly skilled tradesmen will deliver outstanding results.

We offer an expert interior design service, whatever ideas you have, speak to our specialists they can give you ideas, advice and can assist you in designing the perfect blueprint for your project. We stock a wide range of materials that you can use for your designs: wallpaper, fiberglass, textiles and even cork, to name a few. After you have finalised your designs with the design team, our professional wallpaper fitters will take over and produce your fantastic design, turning your ideas into an outstanding result.

We give all our customers our Thomas Wallpaper guarantee of quality workmanship and impressive results. We know you will be satisfied and very happy with the final finish.

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What Are the Benefits of Professional Wallpaper Installation London?

Professional Wallpaper Installation London: Saving you Time

If you are planning on redecorating whether at our home or at your business premises. Hiring professionals may be more expensive than doing the job yourself, but it has so many more benefits compared to a DIY job. One of the most important services is the access to our very expert design specialists. Their experience, advice and skill is invaluable to help you plan and create your perfect interior. Our skilled tradesmen will quickly hang your wallpaper, efficiently with no mistakes, meaning you don’t have to worry about buying extra wallpaper in case of mishaps.

Installers: Knowledgeable Experts

Some projects need more than just wallpapering for our clients. Our work has taught us that some people need wallpaper removal London as well as wallpaper installation in their homes, where others require cleaning, new drywall and other wallpapering elements that professionals are best to do. Wallpaper removal in many homes also leads to the need for painting, others require embossed wallpapering work. Whatever your wallpapering needs, it’s safe to say that professional wallpaper installation London is the sensible option.

Investing in Professional Wallpaper Installation: Saving You Money

Wallpaper installation London in our clients properties requires tools that are not cheap. It’s not just about tape measures and buckets, there’s many more tools that are needed, which is where professional wallpaper installation comes in. Each cover installation we do requires specific tools to get things done right, so you should consider the cost before buying such tools, especially if you are inexperienced in wallpapering installation. As a trusted professional wallpapering company London, we have people who are experts, saving you money on tools and taking the stress out of the project.

Professional Wallpaper Installation Means Less Frustration

For many of our clients, we are told that wallpaper installation London is one of their least favourite jobs, especially those just learning the ropes. Whether wallpaper removal or wallpapering London in homes we like to take the stress off people who are worried about mistakes, avoiding unnecessary frustration for our clients along the way. Put simply, getting professional wallpapering in your home is easier, less stressful, and even allows our interior designing experts to advise on styles and types. Everybody wins.

For the Best Results, Hire a Professional

When it comes to achieving quality results, professional wallpapering London properties is the best plan. For the novice, it can be stressful, so as a wallpapering company London, we are here to help you save time, stress, and ensure that our covering installation is of the highest standard, that only professional wallpapering can ensure. Whatever your wallpaper installation London needs, call us today!

Why Choose Us

Thomas Wallpapering – Best choice of Wallpapering Services London

When it comes to professional wallpapering London, Thomas Wallpapering is a trusted name in the industry, and people choose us for many reasons. From wallpaper removal to wallpaper installation in properties of all sizes, in all locations, our work is done both quickly and efficiently, delivering results you expect and deserve. As a wallpapering company London with a proven track record, our services are offered at competitive prices, and our results are guaranteed. Our cover fitters work closely with customers to ensure each project runs smoothly, that’s the Thomas Wallpapering guarantee, you have our word for that.

Professional Service

Our professional wallpapering London is reliable, cost-effective and trusted. All of our cover fitters offer professional service, superior customer communications, and work that is done to the industry setting standards. From wallpaper removal to wallpaper repair London and more, our customers appreciate our professional commitment.

Work Done on Time

We know how important it is to get projects done on time, which is why all our covering work and wallpaper installation London projects work to a strict timeline, saving both time and money for our customers, every time.

Quality Products

Using only the finest products and materials, our wallpapering work is guaranteed to impress, at a price you can appreciate. Our interior designing wallpaper London experts deliver quality results, and expect nothing less than the best from our results.

Trained Team

Our expert wallpapering teams have experience in properties of all styles and sizes. Working closely with customers to achieve desired results, our wallpapering London fitters are trained and equipped to deliver great results for all our customers.

Our Services

Thomas Wallpapering provide the Highest Quality Wallpapering Services London
Wallpaper Removal, Interior Designing Wallpaper, Wallpaper installation & Wallpaper Repair in Central, West & North London – Check Our Services!

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Some Facts about Lining Paper in London

When it comes to wallpapering London, Thomas Wallpapering is uniquely positioned to deliver the results you want, at a price you can appreciate. From the wallpaper removal to the wallpaper installation London in your home, our own blend of customer service, expert tradesmen, and outstanding value for each project makes us both unique and trusted.

As well as being cost and time effective, our lining paper work ensures that you get a professional looking finish, allowing for the best results with the paint or wallpapering London job that follows. Whether it’s a stylish new paint redecoration, or a statement making wallpaper job, the best preparation is lining paper done well.

When you need help from professionals who guarantee lining paper work, and you need a job done at a speed and price you can appreciate, call Thomas Wallpapering, and let us get you started on the redecoration road.

What makes our Wallpapering Company London Unique ?

When it comes to a wallpapering London company, we are in a league of our own. Our longstanding reputation for reliability, skilled tradesmen and competitive prices speaks for itself. Our team of specialists deliver outstanding results time and time again, at very affordable prices. 

Our wide range of services are varied, we perform interior design, wallpaper hanging, wallpaper repair,and wallpaper removal. No matter what you need, we can supply it.

Our work is guaranteed if you are not happy with the final result our customer care team will try to find a resolution. Our customers are the most important thing to us and customer service is our priority. You will find our staff members friendly and helpful, happy to answer and explain any queries you may have. One thing that makes us stand out from other wallpaper service London contractors is that the customer always comes first. which is why our customers return to us time and time again.


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Why you should go for Wallpapering London

Wallpapering London is enjoying a resurgence in homes, with many choices of styles, textures and looks that paint simply can’t deliver.

Wallpaper: The Unique Look

Wallpapering and wallpaper installation London homes is not something you see all the time. But now, as a wallpapering company London we are seeing the cover making a much deserved comeback, with colours, patterns and texture choices galore, from traditional to modern. Our interior designing wallpaper team can advise and help you create feature walls, and showcase wallpapering installations that make a unique statement in your London house. 

Wallpaper: The Budget Friendly Option

Wallpaper installation London can work for any budget, and as a wallpapering company in London, we know the range and styles available to customers, and we can help guide and advise. Whether a small or larger room, our cover installation work will last longer than paint, so careful costing is always important.

Wallpaper: Durable Quality

As a professional company, we know that good cover can last 15 years, where paint needs far more repair and change. Tough and easy to keep clean, wallpapering London homes can be seamless, with vinyl options now available too. For even longer life, covering in homes should avoid bathroom or kitchen work, where moisture is more often present, and can be problematic for wallpaper installation, leading to costly cover repair work. For better wallpaper installation results, bedrooms and living rooms offer the best options. When wallpaper repair London is needed due to peeling, we can help match the right wallpaper, or you may have bought extra, all ensuring that the wallpaper repair in your home looks as good as new.

Luxury Wallpaper & Wall Murals

When it comes to wallpaper installation London property owners are often looking for luxury designs, stunning colours, and cover installations that make a genuinely stunning visual statement. At Thomas Wallpapering, a luxury wallpapering company London, we know that, compared with standard cover installation work, luxury wallpaper installation projects require the attention of cover specialists. Additionally, this kind of luxury wallpaper installation takes double the time to do, as the wallpaper used is more expensive and of the highest quality.
Created by well-known designers and experts in their field, this kind of wallpaper installation London in homes can deliver everything from personalised styles to more traditional themes, and is usable in many rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens or living rooms. With this kind of cover installation, homeowners can enjoy a contemporary feel, perfect designs, and a luxury look that is second to none. Contact Thomas Wallpapering to discuss your luxury wallpaper installation London project.

Wallpapering London FAQS with best Wallpapering Company

Can I Wallpaper over Wallpaper?

When it comes to wallpaper installation London at your property, hanging new wallpaper over existing cover is not recommended as the tension exerted by the new layer on the old can cause the original to fail and the paper could come off the wall or bubble. 

What is a Pattern Match?

Using our wallpapering service London is the first step to getting the results you want. Our cover fitters ensure that every straight match means that the left and right edges of the wallpaper strip match in a straight horizontal line with the left and right edges of the next strip of wallpaper.

What type of wallpaper can I use in a bathroom?

Thomas Wallpapering is an experienced and established wallpapering company London, and our cover fitters know that vinyl wallpapers are needed and appropriate for bathroom cover installation work as they resist moisture and deliver that all important splash-proof element. For any and all areas that are going to come into direct contact with water, avoid any kind of covering.

What type of wallpaper can I use in the Kitchen?

In terms of kitchen wallpapering London properties, vinyl wallpapers resist moisture and are splash-proof so advisable..No wallpaper is recommended for use in direct contact with water. 

Can I do the Wallpaper Myself?

For wallpaper removal London and cover installation jobs, doing it yourself is an option, but using our professionals is a better one. For all your wallpaper repair London, cover removal and cover installation, contact us today to get the finish you want.

Wallpapering London Methods

Applying Lining Paper

When it comes to wallpapering London in homes, lining paper represents an inexpensive option, more cost effective than replastering and ideal as a surface requiring cover installation due to a more adhesive capabilities. After doing wallpaper removal London in your home, lining paper can hide any imperfections that have appeared.

Hanging Method

As a wallpapering company that is trusted and experienced, our expert tradesmen are equipped to do wallpapering London homes using different types of paper, from textured to vinyl, contemporary to paper backed, in any room you wish. Random matches often make the best option for wallpapering London in our clients properties, where the next strip of cover can be matched everywhere you place it with no design repeat to follow. When wallpapering comes, we also use straight and drop mats.

Decoration of Interior Walls

When it comes to wallpapering London there are two major varieties: residential covering in our clients houses, and cover installation in public buildings and business premises. For residential wallpapering London the options are pasted or unpasted; unpasted means paste is required when hanging. Our covering in London’s commercial buildings have different categories and their surface must be made of vinyl.

Wallpapering London – Interiors Filled with Elegance

At Thomas Wallpapering, we aim to do wallpapering London homes that make interior elegance. Our team of wallpaper installation London experts are creative and skilled, ready and able to create the look you want. Whatever your preference, our interior designing team can create everything from a timelessly elegant look to a modern design or style.

For those looking for wallpaper installation London in their home that is designed to create a fresh new look, our innovative designs will certainly deliver. Much of our covering is done to create a modern but elegant look for discerning customers, whether sympathetic to existing decor or brand new. 

Our wallpaper installation London work offers customised services, working closely with our clients to ensure that they get the design they want, and that all our covering work meets the highest of standards. 

Create the Feel You Desire with Thomas Wallpapering London Company

When it comes to wallpapering London, our goal is to transform your home into a truly beautiful space, reflecting your needs and showcasing your style. From cover removal to wallpapering installation London homes, our experts can help at every stage of the project, from colour scheme choices to finish preferences.

For many of our wallpaper installation jobs, choosing the right cover can be a difficult choice, which is where our interior designing wallpaper London expertise comes in very handy, showing a variety of options and offering advice. 

Whether a home or a business space, we know that wallpapering London can truly transform a room and reflect the clear taste, styles, and preferences of our clients. Using all these as a guide, our covering installation is done with a focus on your requirements and a firm eye on the budget. At Thomas Wallpapering, our customers’ maximum satisfaction is our minimum requirement, and each of our wallpapering London job is only ever done when the client is truly happy with the results.

Thomas Wallpapering London
Don’t hang about, hire a best Wallpapering London decorating expert!

When it comes to wallpapering in London, it’s a form of decorating that is a DIY favourite. Wallpapering and wallpaper removal at your London home is often hard and sometimes stressfully, especially where features and dimensions are not straightforward. Even for wallpapering professionals in London, something that looks simple could be problematic, such as electrical socks. 

A professional wallpaper removal London and cover installation in your home can bring some much needed character to transform a room, but if not done properly, can create mess and problems. From cleaning to cutting, pasting and putting up, our wallpapering London teams are on hand to take the hassle off you, and do your covering work from start to finish.  

As a company with years of experience of wallpaper removal and wallpaper installation in our clients properties of all kinds, we always provide decorating experts for all our wallpapering service London.  

Whether it’s a large scale wallpaper removal and covering job in your townhouse, or a wallpaper repair London at your flat, our customers know they can rely on Thomas Wallpapering to provide high quality work that is done on time and within the agreed budget. 

Without exception, for each of our wallpapering London projects we will carefully work in a way that protects all your home furniture and floors, with our cover removal team doing a clear job before the new covering job gets underway to transform your room. 

Our teams are on hand to work on all kinds of wallpapering London projects. Whether it’s wallpaper removal before a new design for your room, which our interior designing wallpapering experts can help with, or any other wallpapering project, our highly experienced covering professionals are on hand to get the job done right much quicker than you would do it yourself. 

For covering and wallpaper installation London, relying on our professional team makes real sense in terms of time and cost. Our many years of industry experience allows us to deliver outstanding results, every time, from covering to wallpaper removal London, and even wallpaper repair for homeowners. As an interior designing company, we are on hand to offer advice on style and the most time and cost efficient covering options for our customers. 

For all your wallpapering and wallpaper installation London needs, contact Thomas Wallpapering for expert advice and professional results.

Wallpapering London Styles with Thomas Wallpapering

Bohemian Wallpaper

When it comes to stylish and statement making wallpapering London, our covers bring a fresh and free-spirited feel to rooms. Thanks to our interior designing cover experts, we are able to create and offer vibrant colors and global patterns. Our wallpaper installation London will help you embrace the carefree and relaxed with these inspiring bohemian wallpapers. 

Industrial Wallpaper

With our industrial wallpaper installation London jobs, we can combine edgy and contemporary components. As a trusted company, we alway try to display, rather than hide buildings’ bones, pipes, and other materials with a chic flare. Wallpapering London properties can include weathered wood, exposed brick, and concrete walls can commonly be found in industrial style. 

Eclectic Wallpaper

Bringing a variety of periods through enchanting styles, our wallpaper installation London work can give you traditional motifs and vibrant colors, eclectic wallpapers balance old and new styles. Our interior design wallpaper London work will deliver delightful designs to make your room feel lively, colourful and stylish. 

Country Wallpaper

Our country home décor wallpaper installation London offers an appreciation for the style and warmth of the countryside. From rustic farmhouse charms to elegant country home elegance, our covers fitters will incorporate plaids, antique charm, Americana memorabilia, and natural elements of wood and rock. For those who love the  country, our wallpaper installation London bring country styles right into the city. 

Modern Wallpaper

When it comes to wallpaper removal London and cover installation in our clients properties, sometimes it is all about modern wallpaper. 

This kind of wallpaper installation London delivers understated sophistication alongside effortless chic, allowing your covering at your property to create a glamorous look with inspired design that makes a modern statement in your home.

From stunning colour combinations to sleek design elements, modern wallpaper installation can transform and impress, bringing your personal style with it.

Wallpapering in London is all about bringing design and fashion together for a seamless style, with colours and trends being reflected in the results.

Interior Designing Wallpaper – will the wallpaper specialist London match wallpaper for my London home?

When it comes to wallpapering in London homes, personal style really matters. From stylish statement making wallpapering to a look designed to create a consistent look, wallpaper installation in London properties needs to match, to meet the requirements of each individual client’s style. 

At Thomas Wallpapering, we believe that matching our wallpapering London in homes to the exact specifications of our customers is key. Whether it’s making a personal style statement or maintaining a traditional look, we are a company that people can trust to match their cover with whatever their home needs. 

Our interior designing wallpaper London team can help you match any color, any style, for any size of property or project, taking the stress out of the question of whether your cover will match your home. 

For wallpaper installation London and all covering projects at your property, contact Thomas Wallpapering, we’ll match your style at a price you will appreciate.

Thomas Wallpapering London: Our Professional Principles

At Thomas Wallpapering, we take genuine pride in our work. Our wallpapering London is always customer focused, ensuring that we are a company that our customers trust and respect. With years of invaluable industry experience, our team of professional wallpaper removal London and cover installation experts deliver both a personal service and the results people have come to expect from that service level. 

Our interior designing wallpaper London service for our customers is based on our established working relationships with leading interior designers and manufacturers.
When you want a wallpapering company London with superior customer service, swift response times, and quotes within 48hrs, contact Thomas Wallpapering today. Our service is matched only by the quality of our wallpapering London properties of all styles and sizes. 

When it comes to the workmanship that sets industry standards, Thomas Wallpapering is the company to trust. From cover removal to wallpaper installation London in our clients homes and commercial premises our reputation for stunning workmanship and pride in our wallpapering London from our customers is why people trust our work, every time. 

Our portfolio of projects showcases our extensive client list, with wallpapering London buildings that match the finest quality in the industry. Our team of dedicated cover removal deliver unmatched workmanship and consistent customer satisfaction every time, that’s the Thomas Wallpapering guarantee. 

Whether it’s wallpapering London in a large townhouse or a wallpaper installation at a smaller property, we understand the importance of the work to each of our clients. Our industry leading guarantee of satisfaction and work of the highest standard covers all our cover removal, wallpaper installation London, and interior design wallpaper work. This level of professional accountability is what our customers can rely on, with no wallpapering project signed off on until full client satisfaction is delivered.